But she didn't inhale!!

This is how the story ends.

But it happened around here ;D

Crossed legs... so ladylike!

Ahhh... my beautiful princess.


Thursday, January 23, 2014
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I'm back!

I'm back!
I'm back
(echo, echo, echo)

Because writing helps me distance myself from myself
and helps me look at things more objectively.
A lil interview, with myself.

Where were you?
Glad you asked!  Here.  I just have been lazy.  I lost motivation and I'm not sure why.

What have you been doing?
Lots! Oooohhh, now that I think about it.  I've been playing FF14 ARR.  Pretty obsessively for a while (it came out in august).  But I stopped playing because I got sorta bored.  Now I log on just to raid with my group once a week (which is still fun =)  )

I've also been working!  I got new books to translate and I just started this search engine rating job.
That's my referral link, if you're interested. 13.50/hr.  I'm new so I'm capped at 4hrs per day, but it's normally 40 hrs per week.  Here is a blog that pretty much tells you what to expect http://www.betsysharp.com/working-for-leapforce-what-it-was-like/.  Uhmmm... also, make sure to log into chat and get rateraid.

I also lost my cat in Halloween.  =(  It has been quite painful without him.  FATTY COME BACK HOME.  My fatty was my cuddle buddy.  He always slept with me at night and sat on my lap after Randy went to sleep.  When Randy was up, Fatty would sit on him... his name was Traitorface then.  

I didn't think about getting a new cat but my girlcat (slut o.o) was acting strangely.  After much googleresearch, I saw that it was because she smelled him but no longer saw him.  In her own way, she missed him.  So I decided on a new cat... and I wanted that cat to be my fatty replacement. >.>

I ended up buying a year old ragdoll from a cattery.  I KNOW. BAD ME!!  But... I wanted Fatty back and walking around the neighborhood 3-5am and checking the pound everyday did not bring him back to me.  So, I researched for a cat that is large, fat, fluffy, soft, docile, and friendly.  Yes... I needed all these things.  I was looking at getting a maine coon from the shelter but he ended up getting that respiratory infection and after checking the shelter for a while, I gave up.  Then, I discovered the ragdoll... and man, they had everything I need.  I had to pick up Kookie Monster near College Point (6 hr drive).  Thankfully, my Rosieposie and her bf came with me!

Meet Kookie Monster aka Trogdor, aka Kookieface, aka GucciCat, aka PrincessFace, aka KeyboardTroll

The first time I held her.

playing with her cat toys.

Taking up as much space as possible on my desk

Hanging out with slut ^^

Trolling me while I'm writing this post.  You can't see it but I have a decoy keyboard for her to sit on.  She likes to sprawl across it and hit all the keys on my keyboard's numpad.



Post has been stolen but adorable princess cat.  
Or perhaps, this was just another way for me talk about my cat without annoying anyone.

I haven't been gaming much.  I just started TERA again.
Let me see if I have any screen shots of my characters, if not... i'll post later. maybe.

Coiling in Xmas Gear

Can't find TERA screenshots... ah well.
I might post more.
Depending on my mood. ^^

Here is a recipe for the best meatloaf ever.




Saturday, January 18, 2014
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My favorite show is... so you think you can dance.
I have been watching from season one and maybe missed 2 seasons MAX.
This year is season 10 O_O.
That's right... about 9 years of dancing and more dancing<3

This number was so creative and enchanting and SO CREATIVE.
Oh Christopher Scott... you are from another world.

Meet this years top 20.
I wonder who my favorites are going to be~~

Thursday, June 20, 2013
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Past few days I have been obsessively playing iphone games :D
right now I'm hooked on puzzle and dragons.
It's like pokemon with puzzles >.>
and I love puzzle games :D ie. tetris.
My favorite game on my psp was lumines.
omg lumines <333

Anyway, this is what the puzzle and dragons looks like!

some of my pets x)

incase you'd like to add me :D
As always,
I am always snooping the web for the next best mmo to play~
and reviews of Everquest Next is sounding good!

also, just add one cute small race plz....
to satisfy my asian-ness. kkthx.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
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diablo + cutetoons

yes please  T.T

Monday, June 17, 2013
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thumbs up o_o

Alas, after 6hrs and 20minutes...
I have beatened the game

victory sleep, muhahahaha

'I was pretty sad when I realized I beat the game.
this was alot of fun.

It was a puzzle game and at the same time an rpg.
To defeat bad guys, I had to match swords and staff
for treasure boxes, I had to match keys... 
I could upgrade my gear and learn better skills.
It was ingenius with cute music.
I hope they release more >.>

oh and it's called 10000000
because you have to get that score
to be set free.

I ended sleeping at 1pm <.< 
incase anyone is curious :D

Sunday, June 16, 2013
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iphone games~

Lately, meaning the past month or so...
I have been pretty bored with every game I've played.
Let's see, 
I logged on gw2 and...
logged off <.<  

honestly, I don't really have anyone to play with
and the pay2win is kinda annoying me.
enchants, enchantment... if you buy this ward... it will keep it from breaking.
so basically, buy wards and you'll be decked with better stats.
pay 2 win fail.

logged on
then remembered why I didn't like it.
feels slow O_O
Next day, I uninstalled.

POE (path of exile) isn't bad...
but I am a glass cannon haha so playing alone sucks.

Marvel Heroes...
that graphics are ugly <.<
but Storm is pretty fun.
I guess I'll keep playing that one.

I purchased 2 iphone games and I'm excited for that!
First one is ridiculous fishing.

and the other one is 1000000000000000000 (- a few 0's)

Haha, I like pretty graphics but I guess it was coincidence that both these games are that 8-bit sorta thing.

Hmm, I played Ghost Tricks and I liked it but I didn't want to pay 10 bucks to unlock the rest of the game :(
especially because it's not something I would play after I beat it, ya know?

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